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HELP with audi a4 cab roof and boot

little ted May 30, 2009

  1. little ted

    little ted New Member

    Hi all i need your help!!!! my partner went to put the roof down on the cab but she came back and sait it will not shut fully.
    when i looked the roof storage box was not locked and the roof was nearly closed. so i managed to manually closed the roof but it will now not open, all i get is the roof light on the dash , when i tried to open the boot with the handle it will not open. also when i lock the car with the key fob the indicaters dont flash could this be related ?.
    If any body has vag.com in the manchester area wanting to earn some beer tokens it would be helpful before i have to go to audi thanks in advance for any help or advice on this problem
  2. Bing_IRL

    Bing_IRL Member

    No idea about the mechanics of the roof but tyhe reason that the lights dont flash on lock is that your alarm isn't setting. Prob cause the boot's not closed properly.

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