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Help with A3 Audio

rick28 Mar 1, 2010

  1. rick28

    rick28 Member


    I have a 2004 Audi A3 TDI with the Audi Concert Audio System and Bose sound system. Today, I switch my radio on as I do every day and I do not get any sound out of any speakers. All I get is a clicking noise which I can hear out of the front speakers in the door. I can't recall doing anything out of the ordinary or turning the radio up full blast etc. I checked the 30amp F18 fuse for the Audi Amplifier which looks ok, when removed, the clicking stops and when put back in the click starts again so I assume the fuse is fine. Does anyone have an ideas? Or is the Radio Head Unit become faulty? I cant see it being an actual speaker problem.

    I have also scanned with Vag Com and the Radio checks out ok. In addition, everything seems fine with the radio apart from no sound, no sound when playing CD's either.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated

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