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help with a few little niggles please

clough103 Sep 9, 2010

  1. clough103

    clough103 Member

    got a few niggles with my new a4. just wondering if anyone has come across the same or knows a way to fix.

    First issue with the drivers outer door handle, the handle piece itsself feels loose, you can wiggle it around a couple of mm and it makes a kind of vibrate/metallic clink when you shut the door, quite annoying. Looked at it closely and it seems it is held in place by 2 sort of clips at the bottom, tried but didnt want to puch too hard to remove in case i broke whatever holds the top part in.

    2nd issue is with the 2 front passenger doors. They dont close very easily, certainly not like the rear doors. With the rear doors a gentle puch is all that is needed to close the door fully whereas the fronts close only onto the latch and require a good slam to close. The doors seem to drop ever so slightly when you open them too so not sure what to do about this. tried wd40 on the lock mechanism but no difference.

    3rd issue slightly more annoying that the 1st 2. has anyone had any issues with the airbox/induction pipes. The pipes seems to join very loosely and the airbox itsself feels loose. Found this as i am investigating a noise that can be heard when accelerating. It is fairly loud and loudest at 2000rpm and seems to be a loud induction noise, as if there is a performance air filter on or something. Any ideas here

    thanks folks
  2. simon.m

    simon.m Active Member

    hi there not sure if this will help but the door handle maybe loose as the back plate screws are loose take the door panel off and you will see them
    if the doors are droping then id say they need to be adjusted as the pins have droped a weeee bit

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