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Help - which A3 Sportback model/spec £22,500 limit!

Scook66 Oct 12, 2013

  1. Scook66

    Scook66 New Member

    Hello All

    I've been viewing this forum for a little while now and reading some great posts and gathering information to help decide on my next purchase. The trouble is that I'm now confused and keep changing my mind on the engine/spec. I think I've decided on the petrol models (only do about 8000 mile a year), either 1.4 (122) or 1.4 (140) but I'm not sure whether to go for the lesser powered 1.4 and spec it with leather (protection from 2 kids!) or go for the more powerful 1.4 but have a lesser spec (minus leather).

    what would you go for? What are the must haves in terms of spec? Would you sacrifice performance for additional comfort or vice versa?

    advise, thoughts would be most welcome.

  2. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Personally, as I hate leather seats, the choice would be very easy. I would always go for the more powerful version. What sort of car do you drive at the moment. Will both versions be more powerful or will one be less than you are used to.
  3. A3sportbackMark

    A3sportbackMark Active Member

    An agonising choice with so many great options available.

    With your budget, looks like the SE trim is your only option, but believe me, it's not too shabby!......or possibly stretch to sport trim.

    I test drove a 1.4 TFSI and thought it was great, and it's very popular, so good choice.
    As far as added options, I can only comment on the 4 I went for(see signature). Hill hold assist at £90 is really good and has had rave reviews on this forum. The xenon package is fantastic, after experiencing it, would not go back to halogens, but pricey at £1250.

    Im sure you will get feedback from others who have the options.....all depends on what is important for you.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2013
  4. Daveotto

    Daveotto Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Floret Silver Gold Supporter Audi S3 S3 Saloon

    I agree with Mark, looks like 1.4TFSI SE. If you kids are young and messy then leather would be a good option, if you get a good discount you could get the xenons thrown in plus some rubber mats for the messy kids. Hil hold for £90 is an absolute must have.

    if you do a lot of city driving have you considered the 1.2TFSI which on your budget would give you s-line with xenons and half leather sets and with a discount on that a bit of wiggle room for a couple of other small options, but if you go for s-line with young kids you might want to deselect sport suspension, lots of discussion on that on here.
  5. sftdi

    sftdi Member

    I would have a look at an used example as well, plenty of SBs on the Audi approved website. I recently saw a 63 reg 1.4 sline Daytona CoD with comfort / SD nav / sunshine roof for a starting price of £24k. Pretty good in my view.
  6. chippy1970

    chippy1970 Member

    We just got a 1.4 122 sport metallic paint and comfort pack for £20900 didn't think that was bad:)
  7. Fragup

    Fragup Member

    If you read the forum the stand out value for money option in hill hold assist £90 is a bargin. If can stretch to a sport you get a lot extra for you money and will hold value on the extra you spend better that spec'ed up SE
    cloth is also far better in sport than SE in my opinion.
    leather although practical is cold in winter and hot in summer, so I won't bother but I don't have kids
    (don't be tempted by scotch guard type products, are a bit of a gimmick / poor value in my opinion)
    1.4 122 bhp wins the awards and gets great feed back on here around your budget, always seams to be better than people expected !
    ( i love the C.O.D. but won't save you money only 1 - 2 mpg better in the real world, buy for extra fun, not economy or will disappoint)
    standard paint brilliant red and black are great colours and don't cost more.
    Then haggle, you should be able to get around 5% without messing around with brokers, then a sport C.O.D. Would be in budget, which would be a cracking car (and you get my favourite suspension as standard, if is not to firm for you and kids)!
    Then your could probably haggle a discount on your personal favourites on the option list with balance.
    Audi upgrade sound system and interior Lights pack aren't bad prices and are realy cool and may be achievable on budget if you get you discount.
    but being sensible go for the 3 year service plan instead, is good value to start with and you may be able to get a discount on it, as it will save you money in the long run.

    good luck
  8. Scook66

    Scook66 New Member

    Many thanks all for the advice. I must admit I am very tempted by the sports spec over the se. Does anyone know if the sports cloth is hard-wearing? Does it have any stain resistant properties?
  9. chippy1970

    chippy1970 Member

    I've got the sport, very nice seats compared to the se. I bought some detailing gear to seal the body work and also stuff that protects the seats. G techniq make it and its highly recommended, Google them
  10. M_D_O_London

    M_D_O_London Active Member

    Hi Scook66,

    Personally, with your budget, I'd go for an A3 Sportback 1.4 (122ps) Manual Sport with following options:

    * Comfort Pack
    * Metallic Paint
    * Elec Folding Door Mirrors
    * Xenon Light Package
    * Tyre Pressure Monitor, (good to get warning if tyres are losing air)
    * SD Card Navigation, (good value at £495 and integrates fully with vehicle and driver info system between dials).

    Total via a broker would come to around £22,672 (drivethedeal) - but am sure you could prob get this down to £22,500 without too much difficulty.

    If was me speccing, I'd spec the Alu roof bars and privacy glass, (but they're just styling fripperies and not to everyone's taste!). Load-through provision and Hill Hold Assist are also useful - although you can easily live without these if need to.

    Have tried the sport seats in sport-spec cars at dealerships and the cloth material does seem quite hardy. I also quite like the style of aluminum trim that comes with sport trim.

    Best of luck with the order.
  11. Doug Piranha

    Doug Piranha New Member

    I don't know what age your kids are but if less than 4 or so they will be in the big bulky child seats which tend to take the brunt of the spills, crumbs and boke! Once they get a bit older they will be in the smaller booster seats but by this stage 'shouldn't' be making just as much mess in the car? The standard cloth seats do seem pretty dirt resistant though, I have 4 kids age 7 and under and they're in and out with rugby kit and boots on etc! Personally, I think you can get a lot more better value options for the price of the leather - maybe get a couple of nylon slip on seat covers for the days when they are plastered in mud and leave them in the boot the rest of the time?

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