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HELP ! What on earth is going on with this fault? AUDI A4 1.8 T B7

Rusha4 Dec 2, 2013

  1. Rusha4

    Rusha4 New Member

    Engine management light is on. Done Fault reading using a VAG,Snap on machine test and also another premium Audi diagnostic machine. Didthree separate tests with three different machines. Same faults came up withall two fault codes on all of the machines.

    1. Map controlled engine cooling thermostat Thermostat –fault code 17700
    P1292, F265 OPEN CIRCUIT –

    2. 02 SENSOR Circ, Bank 1 sensor 1 malfunction staticfault .code 16514, P0130

    Mechanics Replaced front O2 sensor with brand n O2 sensor andalso replaced thermostat and cleared codes. Codes got erased and NO ignition light on. Drove car after 20 Mins and engine managementlight on again.

    They did id VAG diagnostic test with machine again 02 sensorbank 1 sensor one Fault code 16514.

    I read that audi 4cylinder engines have pre cat s1 andpost cat s2 sensors and uses a singlecircuit to control and monitor both the pre cat ( S1 ) and Post cat ( S2)sensor heaters on a given BANK As a result, the ECU can only monitor thecombined current draw of both of the sensors. Since it knows what the currentdraw should be for both heating elements, the ECU can still detect when onesensor fails because the current draw will be roughly half of its normal value.However, the ECU cannot determine which of the two sensors (S1 or S2)is malfunctioning, so to reflect its ignorance it generates the appropriatetrouble codes for both sensors to resolve this the mechanics did a
    test each sensor individually with a multimeter anddetermine which one is actually defective and they said that both is signalling out the same current but still gives a fault code of 16514 bank 1 sensor 1 .

    Now I’m puzzled towhy this is coming up as BANK 1 SENSOR 1 still

    The thermostat 17000fault codes seem to have cleared. NO OTHER FAULT CODES.

    Would it been possible the Thermostat was not installed possiblyproperly thus still reading 02 sensor issues or test each sensor individuallywith a multimeter and determine which one is actually defective. But if so whydid it not get picked on the VAG scan as a fault

    Or does this mean my ECU is knackered??

    Any help what to check would be appreciated as I’m running out of ideas here
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2013
  2. lynallbel

    lynallbel Active Member

    Could be all sorts, maybe sensor is dead or the car isnt doing its job properly, i would buy a cheap code reader from ebay and watch the live data to see what the o2 sensors are doing when the engine is in closed loop at operating temperature
    Ive got a U581 ive had for a few years cheap but handy.
  3. Rusha4

    Rusha4 New Member

    replaced MAF , front O2 sensor , thermostat , coils changed .erased codes and no luck Still , O2 sensor coming as fault again sensor 1 bank 1 . Only this code is coming as fault at engine retest . The engine management comes on when the engine gets warmed up for some reason . I really don't know if I should now Change sensor 2 which post cat one sensor or not . It's definitely coming as 02 fault when car warns up. But still sensor 1 bank 1 .There is a bit of slight misfire as well . I'm completely losing my mind now and don't know what to do next . Any ideas
  4. MARC87

    MARC87 New Member

    Did you ever manage to sort the problem out?? Ive had the same issue for a long time now. P0130 fault code....changed the front lambda sensor for a bosch one and still get the code. I also have a fault code for the rear lambda so im intrigued to see if changing your rear sensor made any difference

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