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HELP! Warning Lights?

Old A4 Driver Jan 16, 2009

  1. Old A4 Driver

    Old A4 Driver New Member

    I have a 1995 1.8 Auto with a problem. It doesn't seem to want to hold any charge in the battery. Car never seems to want to start, have taken battery off and have replaced this and then the alternator but still the same problem.

    Now the car seem to "rev" itself when there is no pressure applied to the accelerator, the lights flicker on and off and if left too long the car stalls.

    An orange light has come on intermittantly with a picture of a car with a key underneath ( I think).

    Anybody any ideas? I'm running out of them. [​IMG]

  2. Old A4 Driver

    Old A4 Driver New Member

    Anybody? lol
  3. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    Hi, and welcome aboard.

    If power is interrupted to these car's ECU, such as in flat or disconnected battery, the throttle body needs to be reset.

    This can be done via VAG-COM, or any appropriate diagnostic equipment.
    A manual reset can also be effected.

    Procedure is as follows:

    1) Disconnect battery for at least 5 minutes
    2) Reconnect battery.
    3) Switch on ignition, but do not start, or depress gas pedal
    4) leave on for at least 5 minutes - you may hear a series of whirrs or clicks from throttle body, as changes take place.
    5) Switch off ignition, then start as normal.

    Hopefully, that'll sort out your idle problem, but if not, then a reset via the OBD port will be your only option.

    As per the flickering orange lamp with key symbol, that's the immobilliser status indicator - if it's on permanently, the car's unlikely to start, or it'll start and die after a couple of seconds.

    You may need to get your car diagnosed, it could be either the transponder in the key's faulty, or the coild round the ignition barrel's got a bad connection.

    If you have another key, I'd try that too, see if it's any different.
  4. Old A4 Driver

    Old A4 Driver New Member


    I'll give that a go when I get in from work tonight.

    Fingers crossed!

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