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help wanted with audi satnav plus

a4gordy Oct 14, 2007

  1. a4gordy

    a4gordy New Member

    ive got got hold of AUDI sat nav FROM AN A8 (TYPE WITH BOTTONS ON BOTH SIDES )for my audi a4 (b6) and have noticed that the wires on the plugs are diffent to what i need (HAD A SINGAL SHOOT CD PLAYER IN BEFORE )can any tell me what wires go where or if i can get a loOm that plugs in to convert it MANY THANKS
  2. jisumfish

    jisumfish 4 Spring Duck Technique

    Have you tried Kufatec? Not sure about an A8 unit fitting an A4.
    The RNS-E unit would be a much better option IMO

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