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Help! too much oil in a4 b5 1.8 t 2000

D shift May 5, 2011

  1. D shift

    D shift New Member

    Please help, I put too much oil in my 1.8 t and loads of smoke came out under acceleration and oil light came on, when I wasn't accelerating the car wouldnt emit any smoke but it felt like the engine was misfiring ( excessive engine vibrations and very puffy sounding exhaust at low revs) I didn't drive the car for more than 5 mins and took the car to garage the next morning for an oil and coolant change (both where due any way), the mechanics said they had to clean a spark plug/s of oil, and the engine ran fine again, but on my way home under hard acceleration loads of smoke came out, and the engine felt like it was misfiring again. Have I killed my engine or turbo or anything else which is going to make me cry because of repair costs. Please help!!!
    Last edited: May 5, 2011

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