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Help the new guy please!

Gussy Jul 29, 2009

  1. Gussy

    Gussy Member

    Hey guys,

    Hope you can help me with this. I've recently bought an A3 TDI 1.9 SPORT. I want to put cruise control onto it, anyone know of any good people who will do this for me professionally and for a good price? or if i can buy a kit and do it myself???

    Also, as you all probably know, my new car has a measly 105 bhp engine but i would love a remap, is it possible and if so how much and again any good suggestion of whom to go too?

    cheers lads, hope you can help!
  2. tdisportuk

    tdisportuk Member

    Hi mate.

    welcome to audi sport.

    congrats on the new car mate.

    1) regarding your first query, check out www.vwcruise.com for any aftermarket ad dons you wish to put on your car, i think the price for cruise control is £199 inc parts and fully fitted, however double check on the website all prices are there. These guys are highly recommended across the forum. Also you can buy the parts and do it your self however you will need VCDS to activate it.

    2) regarding remaps your looking around £300 + for a decent map. superchips's ST3 is quite good INMO, as you can change your map as you want. economy map standard or performance map. However im sure another member can assist you better regarding the remapping part.

    Theres loads of companys that will remap it for you such as Revo, etc etc just use the forum search button the answers are all here, just need to be found! :cool:
  3. Gussy

    Gussy Member

    Thank alot for the reply!

    I rang the comapny you suggested for cruise control and £200 with a recommended from you sounds awesome too me! Gunna call up about remap now, thanks again buddy!
  4. Markyg

    Markyg New Member

    Hi there everyone.

    I've just managed to get a used 2005 A3, 2lt 150, as a replacement for the dog of a A4, 1.9tdi they sold me 15 months ago (Don't ask why, as I'll only go apaplectic:keule:)

    Anyway, thanks for the question and answer as I was going to do the same later today, as I've upgraded my fuel to V Power:greyrs4: and what a upgrade:cool:



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