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Help! stereo problems

Delaney1 May 8, 2010

  1. Delaney1

    Delaney1 New Member

    hey there guys just got myself a 99 s3 problem is the stereo keeps playing up volume all over the place so im looking to put an after market stereo in

    problem is iv been researching how to do this and found i have a choice of 3 leads to do this




    i have no idea what one

    can anyone shed some light on this

    the origanal stereo is a single din concert tape deck it has 6 disc changer in rear above sub box not 100% sure if is bose can someone please help thanks Dave
  2. Delaney1

    Delaney1 New Member

    Please there has to be someone with some info ANY info would be great thanks Dave
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Non Bose - PC9-404
    Bose - PC9-410

    401 & 408 are speaker input adapters for HU that don't have RCA's. They use a hi-lo converter to take your perfectly good amplified feed from the new HU back down to pre-amplified low level signal so it can be reamplified again by the Audi or Bose amp. the converter is very poor and will introduce hiss and interference into the system, so avoid.
    To check if you have Bose just look at the "subwoofer", if it has a black front with two x 4" drovers then its Bose, if it has a metal front with a single 6" driver then its non Bose.
    If you have Bose then you may get popping issues with the 410 adapter, depends on the HU you are fitting, some are OK some aren't. If this is an issue you have to use the 408 adapter but try the 410 first as it is a much cleaner solution.
  4. Delaney1

    Delaney1 New Member

    Andymac you are a legend thanks so much !!!!

    iv just ordered the lead so fingers crossed a

    Thanks again Dave

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