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HELP - Speckled pain on the S3

macdoug Oct 25, 2007

  1. macdoug

    macdoug Member


    Pretty much as the above says - I have a Ming blue S3, about a week ago i washed the car and found that it was covered in speckles. Over the paint, trims, wheels, everything.

    At first i thought it could be concrete/cement dust or paint overspray. But it is on all sides of the car which would suggest otherwise. Now really clutching at straws - I left the car at airport parking (ajacent to the runway boundary) for a few days. Could the fuel or something in the air leave a deposit on the car?

    If i run my hand over the paint i can just feel the speckles but they do not polish off (Autoglym polish). Could i use "T-cut" or similar without dmage?

    I know this probably hard to answer but any help would be much appreciated.


  2. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    Hi Iain, nope, it's easy to answer, and fear not, the solution isn't difficult. To remove bonded surface contaminants (whether overspray, tree sap, fallout, etc) requires the use of a clay bar and lubricant. The clay bar is effectively an applicator pad full of polishing particles - as you glide it over the paint these particles are able to cut away any particles sitting proud, while the underlying paint is left untouched. In a sense it is selective polishing of the contaminants, as opposed to the whole mass of paint - hence why normal polishing doesn't fix this type of problem. Here is a guide about how to clay your car safely and effectively...


    ...and if you are a novice to claying, I recommend you start out with this clay, as it is mild and safe to use, yet very effective against most types of contaminant...


    Hope that helps, let us know if you need further advice.

  3. macdoug

    macdoug Member

    Thanks Rich

    Those links are handy. I am a clay novice so i will probably go for the product shown.

    I do have a couple more questions - would one bar be sufficient and could i use it on the trims?

    Thanks again

  4. Clark@Polishedbliss

    Clark@Polishedbliss Professional Detailer

    One bar should be fine. Break it into 2 or 3 bits as you will more than likely drop a bit (if or when you do make sure you chuck it in the bin). One bar does us dozens of cars, just keep kneeding it over into a clean area :)

    It doesnt work that well on plastics, although some are ok - a pencil eraser is a good trick though (just make sure you do a test section first ;))

    Hope that helps :)

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