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HELP! Someone has cut off the wiring loom plugs for my stereo!

Kylodicanio Dec 28, 2012

  1. Kylodicanio

    Kylodicanio New Member

    2007 S3 that I bought a couple of months ago and only now trying to sort out the no stereo problem.

    Not sure why anyone would of done this other than maybe someone stole the head unit and in doing so just cut the wires for a quick getaway!

    Have spoken with local Audi dealer and not much help and car is now in with local auto electrician but they tell me they need the plugs before they can do anything, can anyone tell me where I can get these, have tried some breakers but not much luck as there are so many different variants of stereo system that are in use.

    It is a single DIN concert with I think the fully amplified Bose system as they say there are no speaker wires at the back???

    Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  2. mohsin1315

    mohsin1315 Member


    I'm not really sure where you could get an original plug to solder back onto the factory loom - surprised that Audi can't help to be honest. At worst I thought they might be able to sell you a new loom complete with plug. Seeing as you have a single DIN unit already, have you considered replacing the HU with an aftermarket unit? Any good auto electrician should be able to wire up to an aftermarket unit with no probs. If you want to retain the OEM look have a look for a Becker Grand Prix with red illumination. The plastics are a perfect match for the interior and the red lights will match the standard interior. Its probably also one of the nicest sounding units I have had the pleasure of listening to. I had one that followed me for a few cars until it ended up one of my cars that was written off. Sadly I wasn't able to remove the unit before the car was taken from me.

    Not sure who sells Becker these days but have a look on ebay.

    Hope you get it sorted.

  3. Kylodicanio

    Kylodicanio New Member

    Thanks Mo, I do have a new aftermarket head unit but the auto electrician says that they need the original plugs to identify which wires go where??? Maybe they are just used to plugging things in nowadays rather than having to really get their fingers dirty!
    I am awaiting response from various breakers who can hopefully supply the plugs for my system.
  4. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Just goto audi & buy them, if they're a decent sparky they should be able to figure it out.
  5. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    But you would need pins as well as plugs, the single DIN concert radio is ISO and mini ISO, so not too much work required to reconnect them all or even identify them.

    Single DIN at 2007?
  6. stewd

    stewd Member VCDS Map User

  7. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic S-line owners group


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