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Help selecting an over stock boost system?

mike85 May 5, 2004

  1. mike85

    mike85 New Member

    Hi guys if this is not in a good spot please move it.I am currently undergoing the 5000 project which is my 85 audi 5000cd turbo and am looking for boost control valves,fuel pressure compensation,and ecu mods that can be done.Would anyone be able to help me choose or recomend parts and maby point me in the audi 5000 parts direction?

    I am shooting for a little more boost than stock as I do alot of highway driving in the mountains and would enjoy a little extra power this is not a race car so I was looking at installing a boost control valve from turbo xs and a vortech fmu fuel pressure regulator from turbo calculator,and what would you think about me adding a blow off valve to help me dip back into the boost after letting off the gas?this I am not to sure about as I have an automatic transmission.
    Sorry about the long post I just want to get it right and realiable.thanks for all your help.


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