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Help!! S3 with 100K Miles - Asking for trouble?

Smash7 Jul 23, 2006

  1. Smash7

    Smash7 New Member

    I am considering buying an S3, due to budget contrains I will have to go for a high milage car, am I asking for trouble when looking at a car with 100K miles?

    What type of things should i be checking? (Clutch, turbo etc) what problems would you expect?

    All help hugely appreciated

  2. leecs3

    leecs3 thinking about stuff

    you'll effectively be its last owner so expect to be almost giving it away in 2/3 years. Thats the only thing that would put me off. Spend 2k more, get one with low miles and you'll get a lot more back for it. High miles= save money short term, lose money long term IMO.
  3. chippie

    chippie Member

    Hi with that sort of mileage you need to make sure it has full service history and if possible test drive one first with say less than 60,000 and use that as a bench mark, that way you should get a feeling for anything that may be worn or noisy, also if possible get the car inspected by a professional, it could save you a lot in the long run, you also have to think about resale and the number of miles you will be putting on it
  4. S3_MCD

    S3_MCD Member

    Depends on how the 100k got there?!?! Motorway is going to be alot easier on any car.

    to be safe I would be looking at all of those things and more.

    A regular SH is a must, should have had belts and water pump done, clutch (+master cycl) and turbo if not already done will be due on about 20k. Shocks - probably, pads n discs will last about 30-40k

    As long as it has been loved and the money is right, nothing wrong with a 100k motor.

    I suggest have a look in the FAQ section.

    Good luck with the purchase.
  5. jonS3

    jonS3 Member

    I bought my S3 with 91k, it had just had cambelt, waterpump, clutch, flywheel and service. has got FASH and had done mainly motorway mileage. It needed the front and rear roll bars replacing and rear discs/pads. It drives very well, is on the original turbo as far as im aware, and it pulls very well, with no smoking at all, and uses very little oil, if at all.

    IMO as long as it has been looked after and has FSH it should be ok, but you cant get away from the cambelt and clutch needing replaced if they havent already.


  6. Ben_yo

    Ben_yo Going places - just not sure where!

    I have an A3, not S3 but but when i bought mine 6 months ago it was on 101,000 miles. It was an ex company car with a full Audi service history, was serviced every 6 months & was in amazing condition. Ive never driven a tighter feeling car, everything seems perfect with the exception of the water temperature sensor which ive had replaced.

    I would certainly not let mileage stop me buying another Audi as long as it has the full history to back it up.

    Good luck with your purchase! :beerchug:
  7. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    I wouldn't worry about mileage, worry about condition!

    Turbos could last a lot longer than 100k depending on servicing etc. I'd say the main thing would be suspension stuff, so you must have a test drive over loose / bumpy ground and make sure your not on the throttle when going over bumps as that can hide looseness.
  8. spidy101audi

    spidy101audi New Member

    just wondering im in the same boat about how many miles can you get out of a a4
  9. jeremygs

    jeremygs Member

    My S3 ticked over 105k this morning. I bought it two and a hlaf years ago with 48k on the clock. Most of the mileage I've done has been motorway stuff. So far I have had problems with coilpacks (failed), arb & wishbone bushes (knackered), lower control arm (broken) and cylinder head (cracked). It's probably cost me over £3k on top of the standard servicing and running costs but the car still makes me grin whenever I drive it so I'd say it was worth it.

    Provided you have the service history and that the major belts/tensioners service was done then you shouldn't have a problem, but if you can find the extra cash somewhere then go for a lower mileage car. My car is now worth less than what I still owe on the loan I took to buy it so selling it on isn't really and option (even if I wanted to) particularly as there seem to be so many lower mileage cars available these days.
  10. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    My little honey has done over 120k now and i've been running her since new. Admittedly she has had the following major bits done to her:

    Recent New Tyres - 112k
    Recent New Front Pads and Discs - 104K
    New Engine inc Cambelt - 93K
    New FlyWheel - 93k
    New Clutch - 93k
    New Exhaust Manifold - 93k
    New ARB - 93k
    New Haldex Unit - 70K
    New Coil Packs
    Full Audi Servicing
    Interior is fine, few cracks on the seat bolsters from getting in and out
    Couple of scraps on the gears stick and black gator surround
    All the electric controls work (though the cigarette lighter packed up the other day, still no time like giving up)
    Has had a front end respray to tidy it up a bit.
    2 out of 4 alloys have met the kerb

    70% of driving is on A & B Roads the rest on motorway.

    I bought the car with 60K off my company for 14K, probably worth about 8k now maybe 9k because of the recent work. Still it gets me from A to B in a quick and luxury way.

    What can you get for 8/9k with the same stats and quality build...very little else. Look at whats on offer as STD:
    Bi-Xeon Lights
    Leather Recaro Seats (Electric and Lumbar Support)
    Interor Light Pack (mirrors and under the door lighting)
    Full electrics for mirrors and windows (plus smart key lock for closing or opening windows when key is away from the car)
    Climate Control (perfect for the weather)
    Easy Access serial port for upgrades or VAG-com

    Plus some of the options if your car comes with them
    Alloy mirrors (not a fan of them but you can get them)
    18" Alloys
    Heated Seats (have this and recommend it, not now but when it is -5 it is a little beaut especially on those leather seats)
    Arm Rest (have this and do recommend it, though some people say it interferes with gear shifts, I say ******)

    The car has cost me the following since ownership:

    1 x Warranty = 875 (thank god, saved me a 6k bill for the new engine and bits!)
    3 x Services = 800
    2 x Brakes & Discs (front and rear) = 400
    8 x Tyres = 800
    2 x MOT = 90
    £3000 in Optimax Fuel for one year.

    Will be running my car as far as she will go, should be for another 50k miles at least then I may think of trading her in for something different, by then she'll probably be worth 4k if I'm lucky with a dealer.

    Would I be put off by a high miler? Possibly, though you are in a buyers market so could get a good one for a lot less. Just make sure the major bits have been looked after and check for crash damage as well. Check all the tyres to make sure you have some tread and have a good feel of the brakes and check the discs for any warping or the like. Have a look at the oil, to see if it is reguarly checked and topped up. Also have a look at the DIS and flick through to see what the seller has done an the average mpg and mph this will tell you how it has been driven (though this should not be taken as gospel).
  11. crowman

    crowman New Member

    I Have an A3T sport 1998 with 167k on the clock,still drives very tight.
    Has started to puff a bit of smoke and uses a little oil between services now.
    Still pulls strong and is on original turbo etc.
    The main thing is to have full main dealer history.

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