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  1. Flemboy1990

    Flemboy1990 New Member

    Can doing a pcv delete cause too much pressure cause there isn't a vacuum source, my rocker cover is leaking again and I don't know wether me not having a pcv is cause to much pressure an forcing the oil out?
    At the minute I don't have a catch can cause I haven't purchased one but the principle I have used is the same, the pipe come off the top of the oil filer, "T's" into another pipe off the rocker cover and that is running to the floor at the minute, and the TIP is blocked off any help please much appreciated
  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    In principle it should work ok what you have done (although it is a bit naughty allowing all the **** to go straight on the road) i dont understand what you are getting at?
  3. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    I packed too much wirewool into my catch can to filter out the oil fumes when i first put it in - caused the dip-stick to pop out slightly to release the pressure.
    was solved by not having it packed so much.

    Yours should be polar opposite though if your running it direct to atmos without a catch can....
  4. Flemboy1990

    Flemboy1990 New Member

    Yea I know its naughty, all my pipes where blocked, split and doing more harm than good, that's why I've done what I have done for the minute untill I get a catch can, basically what I have done for the minute then should be given very little if not no pressure build up, nothing to force oil past the gasket seal

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