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Help required

grim ree May 28, 2010

  1. grim ree

    grim ree Old-n-crumbly

    Need some advice, I've recently purchased an A5 cabriolet (2009 Ice White) and it has whorl/polishing marks on the paintwork, not too bad but I would ask what products I should use to remove them?
    At present I'm using Autoglym shampoo,polish and sealer, they give good results but don't move the marks

    thanking you (in anticipation)
  2. fgaffney

    fgaffney Member

    Do you have access to a machine polisher? The Audi paintwork is rock hard and you'll be there all week trying to fully correct any swirl marks by hand.

    I use Menzerna Power Finish or 3M Finesse-It for my paint correction on a Sonus 1 pad with my Dual Action polisher (one of the best purchases I've made).

    If you're trying to repair swirls by hand you can't expect miracles so you could try applying some PoorBoys White Diamond which will 'fill' the swirls making them invisible.

    Last edited: May 29, 2010

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