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Help Required please

Ring Leader Feb 9, 2007

  1. Ring Leader

    Ring Leader Ring ******

    My old Girl (passat tdi 130 estate) has been running a bit rough in the last cpl of days.

    The Problem..

    Power seems ok

    Fuel consumption has fallen by about 10mpg

    Starting Ok

    The problem seems to be "Driveability"

    If I can explain this in Brief

    Your sitting on the motorway 8o mph and when you get upto what I call cruising, You cant seem to back the accelorater off!

    It's like the peddle is an on/off switch 1mm down and the car drives,1mm off and the car slows down!
    It's like it just wont cruise, also the car has lost its crisp feeling

    There is NO excessive smoke or noise either..

    I took it into the dealer yeaterday , and they said there are no "faults" stored in the memory.

    I dont mind spending the money , but is there anyone on here (Midlands) based who could have a look at it?

    I think It might be the Maf sensor but I dont want to go down the road of try this try that, as that is costly...

    I want to get it chipped also, but I think I need to make sure it's Right first!

    To give you an Idea of fuel, last Night I cruised back from the airport , before I set off, I set fuel trip, and normaly at about 70mph she is doing about 43 mpg last night that struggled to get over 34 Mpg
    I know they are not that acurate but, there is an obviouse reading that shows a problem me thinks..

    So is there anyone out there to help?

    my number Is 07971 673899 names Keith
    or can someone point me in the right direction, My local dealers are **** lol

  2. AwesomeSarah

    AwesomeSarah Member

    The problem is with the MAF is it does not always give out a fault code.
    When the fail completely that is when it comes out with a fault
    They can start to fail , the only way of detecting this is by doing a road test with VAGCOM on
    I had the problem on my 100PD Fabia
    They replaced the MAF and my fuel economy was returned to me....(thank god)
    Power was ok on mine too
    So ask for someone to do a vagcom on the road to do the readings ;)
  3. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    Could be a dodgy accelerator pedal pickup?
  4. Ring Leader

    Ring Leader Ring ******

    Thanks sarah, sounds Like a plan! anyone know where I can get this done in the Midlands?


  5. Ring Leader

    Ring Leader Ring ******

    If this helps, I have noticed the problem seems worse when the engine is hot!
    It feels much nicer and more punchy from cold!

    Ideas please,

    MMMMMMmmmmmmmm gimmi a hayabusa to work on anyday:hubbahubba:

  6. shineydave

    shineydave Member

    try MRC in Banbury, Doug or Mihnea will sort it in a breath

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