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Help replacing drivers window

jonrankin Sep 1, 2009

  1. jonrankin

    jonrankin New Member

    Got a horrible grinding crunching sound from my drivers electric window on Friday - the glass inside the door must have fractured and broken, as the window does not now go up or down!

    Does anyone have any instructions for how to remove the drivers door trim on an A6 1.9tdi Avant, 03 plate - completely standard functions - speakers, electric window controls, locks, and not a lot else! I can only see two accessible screws, but can't believe that the whole door trim will come off by removing just two screws - Audi never make things that easy!!!

    Any help with instructions / manuals would be very much appreciated - if it happens to include info on how to fit a new window, so much the better :)

  2. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    believe it or not it's just those 2 little screws on the top of the door card, then lift the door card upwards and the whole lot comes off - yes it really is that easy! Love it!

    Disconnect the wiring then there are 4 torx bolts which hold the inner door mechanism and frame in which houses all the window guides, these are quite big and some have adjustin wedges, remember these as you will need these to adjust the top of the window frame so that it closes properly. If you are changing the glass the frame will have to come out, not too difficult job, just need the torx bits.
  3. jonrankin

    jonrankin New Member

    Evo, that's great - many thanks for the info. I saw the two screws, took them off the other day, but didn't realise that it was releasing the whole thig. I assumed that it was just releasing the top panel of the door (where the screws were located) so didn't try sliding the whole thing out!!!! Spent ages concentrating on trying to move the top panel :)
    I'll give it a go over the weekend.
    ver best wishes

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