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Help recoding keyfob

Wiganer 06 Apr 12, 2011

  1. Wiganer 06

    Wiganer 06 New Member

    I've only got one switchblade key now for my 2001 2l auto and
    This no longer works my central locking. Is there a way to re-code this key without taking it to audi and it costing me 60 plus vat. Any info or help is greatly received
  2. Cabbyfan

    Cabbyfan Active Member

    Assuming it starts the car then the immobiliser bit is fine, it is the remote part thats lost its mojo. There are various ways to re-code the wireless part but I have never got any of them to work......if anyone knows how I have one key that doesnt work as well !

    These are all the ones I found :-
    If I remember rightly to re-sync a key you do the following
    Press the unlock button
    Unlock the car with the key
    Inset key in ignition and turn ignition on
    Turn ignition off and remove key
    Press the lock or unlock button
    It should now be synchronised

    Ok, I've read the thread and seems similar to my issue. I recently bought a 2003 A4 Cabriolet 3.0 (my first Audi) and the battery was dead in one FOB and died very soon in the other. I got new batteries and replaced them then looked up in the manual for resync.
    Well, I was lucky because the former owner had written in ink that the REAL method was to put one key in the ignition in accessory and then put the other key in the door and turn "Left, Right, Left." I did that and it worked (I think I pressed "unlock on the key first, but that wasn't in his instructions). So happy day.
    Except... I did the same thing a day later switching the keys (so the one I use was in the ignition this time and my wife's one was going "L-R-L" and it worked, my wife's FOB could operate the keyless. However, MY FOB now lost it's ability to work the keyless. It is like it re-wrote the sync from the day earlier.

    hey guys im new to audi too. for some reason my remote quits working too every few weeks...........
    here is how i sync it every time....................
    hold the unlock button on the FOB for 5 seconds. let go and insert into the ignition and start the car. then drive it and then it syncs.

    Instructions.1Sit in your driver's seat with your ignition key remote and close all of your car doors. Make sure that all of the windows are closed as well.
    2Lock the car's doors by pressing the Lock tab on the driver's side door.
    3Turn the ignition key to the "On" position and press the "Unlock" button on the key remote.
    4Wait six seconds and press the button a second time. The car will then automatically beep the horn to indicate successful programming, and you can turn the key back to the "Off" position to end the process.

    1) Put 1 key in ignition and turn to first contact.
    2) Close the drivers door.
    3) Use the key you want to "program" to turn the lock and lock the door.
    4) Then press one of the buttons on the remote of the key you want to program (I don't think it matters which one).
    5) After about 20 seconds the car should then recognise the key.

    "press fob button insert into ignition switch, turn key ON, press fob button again, turn key OFF, remove key and exit car"
    You can just insert the fob key into the ignition while holding down the unlock button then turn the ignition into the on position while still holding the unlock button. Then let go and turn off the engine.

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