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HELP! rear wheel bearing wrong size ? abs + esp fault

_scotty_ Feb 8, 2013

  1. _scotty_

    _scotty_ Member

    hi can anyone help,

    my car is 2.0ltr tdi on a 55 plate.

    my abs + esp light came on a while ago now and im just getting round to fixing it so i scanned the car with snap on diagnostic. it came up with abs rear left mechanical fault, or something along those lines.anyway i striped it down and the speed sensors on the bearing has seen better days to say the least, so i ordered a new bearing from euro car parts. now for the problem i have come to fit the new wheel bearing and it doesn't fit, its loose on the stub axle with about 3mm or so play. i thought that euro car parts had gave me the wrong part so i tuck it back with my old wheel bearing to make sure that they gave me the right one this time. but when they came back with another one it was the same (to big).

    now my thoughts where that with my car being a 55 plate maybe i needed a wheel bearing from the 2004 model (pre-face lift) but this comes up with the same part number. is there different sizes of wheel bearing? i think i seen one post saying there was a 33mm and a 30mm one.

    i just wish i would have measured my stub axle now while i had it off :(

    here are some pics
  2. brough74

    brough74 Member

    There are 2 sizes 30mm and 32mm i think sounds like you need the smaller one. I know on MK5 golfs you cant tell which one you have until you remove it and try them. My point being they should be the same as the golf, go somewhere else and order some 30mm ones
  3. Manni.singh

    Manni.singh Member

    I ordered mine from same place, I called Audi, gave my chassis number, mine was 32mm I have 2.0 tdi 140 sport 2003 fwd, plus, if u go online to euro car parts (they have both 30mm and 32mm) add to basket and type in parts25 should get 25% off, I ordered mine couple days ago for click n collect.
    ive got same issue but mine was blinking red on dis, now is just the lights for abs still on and traction control, apparently left one is now impausible signal or something (my right was mechanical failure)

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