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HELP RAdiator Issues Water not regulating in the radiator

chursy Mar 17, 2013

  1. chursy

    chursy New Member

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    • Hi guys

      I have an 2003 audi a4 2.0 sports auto with alt engine. There was coolant leak identified by the mechanic and replaced the Water housing at the back, pressure tested again all ok. However came back and said water is not regulating in the radiator. The heating is okish - Nor great but works after a while certainly not at idle thought even after like 20 mins of car being started. The car is not overheating the temp guage is at 90, i recently changed the Coolant sensor so all good there. The water is pumping fine as the top hose in the reservoir has coolant coming back once the engine once started. The mechanic has bleeded the system by leaving the coolant tank cap open and air bubble came out last night and also through the hole at the top radiator pipe.

      Whats happening ?
      Basically everything is ok the water is regulating to the engine fine to but not so much in the radiator. It's there , it's warm but just not flowing through the radiator. Also after 30 mins or the radiator got warmed up on idle.

      The mechanic said the radiator is blocked possibly or the radiator needs changing. The water pump works fine as the coolant was coming back in the reservoir from top hose, also pumps and belt changed at 75k. It's now at 96k. Air pressure bubbles released from the reservoir opened cap and also bleeped the system through the nozzle on top.

      Can the radiator be flushed and cleaned to clear the blockage, using the special mixture and pressure washed etc or do I have get a new radiator ? Do you suspect anything else? Any help will be much appreciated

  2. chursy

    chursy New Member

    Any luck guys?
  3. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Radiator or heater matrix?

    If the radiator at the front if the cars not over heating then its doing its job its not supposed to get hot it gets hot when it can't cool the water the colder it is the better
  4. chursy

    chursy New Member

    Its the heating matrix. I am being told that the heater core may have air in it and possibly that's why. It needs to be bleeded from the two hoses at the firewall next to the battery?

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