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Help - Problem with brakes

imported_AndyB40 Nov 23, 2005

  1. imported_AndyB40

    imported_AndyB40 Guest

    Last year in winter when starting the car (A4 B6 1.8T 190ps), for a second or two the computer would tell me I had a problem with the brakes. After checking with the dealer, they said it was quite common and the brake fluid needed topping up. They did this for me, problem went away.

    This year it's back. So I decided to top up the brake fluid, only problem is I put too much in so I could see it sitting above the "sive" and now when I start the car it constantly tells me I have a brake problem, and pressing the spanner button tells me fluid level needs checking.

    I guess I need to remove some fluid now! Do I need to remove the plastics around the container to see if it shows a min/max level?

    Does the sleeve with the sive come off to allow something like a syringe to extract some of the fluid.

    Any help appreciated!
  2. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    Could you not just get a syringe and put in the reservoir and draws some fluid out until the symbol disappears. What symbol is appearing in the display? mine has done it a few times and I wonder if that was is causing the problem.
  3. imported_AndyB40

    imported_AndyB40 Guest

    Yes, that's not a bad idea, to get a syringe and use this instead, that would fit through the small holes of the filter. I'd probably need to remove the surrounding plastic and hope there's a min/max marker.

    It's the "brake" symbol appearing, for example if you press CHECK this is one of the symbol that usually appears.

    If yours is appearing intermittently then I would guess your fluid level is not correct either, but don't make the same mistake I have :)

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