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Help Plz..TDI Oil Pump issue...which models year do I need to avoid??

Ianb Feb 3, 2012

  1. Ianb

    Ianb New Member


    I have been reading some horendous stories on the B6 forum regarding the early 2 litre VAG unit with regards to the shaft on the oil pumps causing catastrophic termination of engines or expensive remedial work and expensive issues of the DPF and injector issues.

    Has VAG solved these issues with a new design or is the particular year that I should consider to avoid buying into these problems. I wasa looking at cheaper 55 plate models but are put off by the potential problems.

    Which years are the better bet?

    Are there any other issues with these units and I assume it affects Golf's and A3's??

    I have a nice B6 avant at the mo but would like to upgrade.....if that's possible

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