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help please

sean88boy Mar 21, 2008

  1. sean88boy

    sean88boy black S3

    hi does anyone know why a forge fmic is better than say an e bay one. is made of differnt materials??
    iv also heard of people still runnig one of the standard smic with the fmic. kinda confused now...
  2. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    The Forge one is good...as are many of the ebay cores.

    you can fit a FMIC only...or you can run it along with the drivers side SMIC...probably depends on what you really want to achieve...if you are running very high boost on a K04, then it's possible that you *may* pop the standard ends off a standard SMIC, so perhaps doing away with it, or fitting an uprated alloy SMIC is a good idea.

    If you are running a K04 absolutely maxxed out, it's a heat pump...so you'll need as much intercooling as you can...it's easier to fit and pipe up a SMIC with a FMIC in series, than to fit a massive FMIC, and you get the same cooling.

    Or, standard are fine for standard cars at standard boost...

    Same as standards are fine for big turbo cars at sensible boost as the big turbos don't produce nearly as much heat for the same charge pressure.

    It all depends on what you want it for...
  3. sean88boy

    sean88boy black S3

    that makes sense iv still got my ko4 and the boost is quite high. i may just get an ebay fmic the same size as the forge and keep the driver side smic then.

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