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Help please, wheel bearing which one ???

HOTTIGGER Oct 12, 2012


    HOTTIGGER Member

    hi all, ive got a 1999 audi s3 and i think my drive shafts and hubs have bin changed, i orded this cv joint AUDI S3 QUATTRO 1.8 TURBO CV JOINT & BOOT KIT (BRAND NEW) 99>01 | eBay, when i phoned up and told them mine was held in by a bolt like this one AUDI S3 QUATTRO 1.8Turbo DRIVESHAFT CV JOINT (BRAND NEW) 99>04 | eBay and not held on by a nut, the said my shafts and hubs must have bin changed, as the cv joint needed was listed for 2001 model, the sent the 2001 cv joint listed for a bam engine minis apy and it fits ok,the probem is, i now need a wheel front bearing and dont know which one to order as my hubs might have bin changed. ive got this number of the drive shaft 8n0413031g, could some one please tell me which wheel braring ill need to suit this shaft and hub,thanks in advance

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