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Help please turbo number needed

HOTTIGGER May 17, 2012


    HOTTIGGER Member

    hi all my turbo has gone on my 1999 audi s3 210bhp enging code apy, ive found a used one not recon one in a breakers yard, the want to no the excat number of my turbo so the can match it and before the will post it, ive told them the engine code apy and its a ko4, but the still want the other numbers, does any one no the number i need?, or is the anyway of finding out of my reg the excat number of my turbo?, a friend of a friend who works at an audi dealer give me a number to day its 06a145704px and said thats the turbo on my car, ive looked this number up on threads and google and yes its a k04 turbo for a s3 but engine code is amk on some sites and apx code on others sites, mine is apy! so is the number 06a145704px ive got wrong? wot is the right one?,
    can any one help me please? ps the breakers yard want £250 for the used turbo if its the right one, the also want my old turbo back or ive got to pay another 120, i no you send the old one back when you have a recon, but its second hand, is this the norm?
    thanks in advance martin..
  2. actualeddie

    actualeddie Member

    If you look at the ones on ebay, they have numbers printed on the side in the pictures?
  3. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    APY turbo won't have an EGT probe boss in the hotside... not that it matters as it can be plugged anyway...

    £250 is a little expensive for an unknown turbo though... for a little more you could get TD or CR Turbos to refurb it maybe...

    The part number is on the blue plate riveted to the compressor housing

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    HOTTIGGER Member

    hi m8 yes ive looked on ebay and loads of other places, the number 06a145704px does match some turbos for a s3 and tts, but differnt engine codes like apx amk , mine is apy, and the year is differnt too, mine is a 1999, and the number 06a145704px matches 2000/2002 audi s3/tt. a freind of a friend who works for audi said that number is for my turbo, but i think he just give me the number of his turbo, hes got a 2001 s3. i need the number for mine so i can make sure it will fit. thanks


    HOTTIGGER Member

    hi m8 thanks for reaplying,, its £200 plus vat, plus £12 delvery, total £252 and the want my old one back. when you buy used parts you dont normanly send yours back do you? i understand recons work that way, but second hand?? thanks

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