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help please - S4 BRAKES onto 2.0 TDI

doug.p Aug 18, 2011

  1. doug.p

    doug.p Getting There


    after shelling out for redstuff pads and EBC GD disks they are warped and knackered ! :-(
    so i have to get new.
    can someone tell me all the bits i need to fit the larger S4 brakes
    i need everything, for the fronts so disks, pads carriers, calipers - not sure what exactly, i just want bigger stopping power and IMO the stock disks look absolute S*ite behind my bentleys - you can barely see them
    as ever i will share the process with you all as bigger brakes are needed and i am not willing to shell out for ap or brembo which start at £1500 is, just want a bit more stopping power at a cheap price
    thanks for now
  2. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    In the same boat mate,

    My redstuff pads have killed all my new MTEC drilled and grooved discs, so im going to get some drilled only discs and use mintex pads instead.

    Redstuff pads are discs eaters!, my front discs have S4 calipers but i think S4 discs are slightly bigger than 320mm, but cannot be sure.

    I would be interested to find out how bigger job it would be to put S4 brakes on all round.
  3. drmole

    drmole Well-Known Member

    have u tryed the bay of E to see if theres any breaking? also look 3.0l tdis and s line special editions n dtms they use same caliper but not the 345mm discs so ull have to get them and carriers as far as i know sure ill be corrected as im still learning myself lol
  4. steve123a

    steve123a Member

    just in the process of doing this myself, the discs are 345mm and its the carriers that are apparently different if you have the 320mm brakes from the DTM or S-Line Quattro.

    Doug, im going to be selling mine when the new ones are fitted, they are the drilled 320mm discs and calipers from my DTM if your interested?
  5. doug.p

    doug.p Getting There

    Anything is better than my 288 warped disks
    So what will I need to accommodate your disks exactly as I have no idea
    If it's a goer I will take em off your hands
  6. unikarl

    unikarl Member

    I found a 3.0 V6 being broken that had the 312mil's on it. Got the discs, callipers, pads and carriers for £100. Loads better now.
  7. doug.p

    doug.p Getting There

    going to be biting the bullet in the next week or so, can someoe help me out with some ideas, am open to anything with bigger / better brakes that wont break the bank
    or can we reccommend the best standard disks and pads
  8. jonnydiesel

    jonnydiesel New Member

    I have a front S4 set up just removed from my B6 TDI before sale including; calipers, carriers, splash guards, discs (345mm) and pads, covered 6000 miles. This set up provides awesome stopping power compared to the standard components.
    PM me for further info and photos.
  9. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User It's my birthday

    A the lads above have said you have a few options.

    1. New 288 disks and pads
    2. Upgrade to 312mm (from b6 model v6's, and some 1.8T's) you'll need new carriers, disks, pads and possibly new splash guards
    3. Upgrade to 320mm (from b7 2.0T/3.0Tdi and DTM) you'll need new calipers, carriers, disks, pads and splash guards
    4. Upgrade to 345mm (S4) new calipers, carriers, disks, pads and splash guards

    I've the S4 set on mine and I find them great.
  10. doug.p

    doug.p Getting There

    getting the 345 S4 Jobbies from Jon - will update when fitted

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