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Help! Please read if you can help with mechanical question!

mattjarv Mar 29, 2012

  1. mattjarv

    mattjarv Member

    I have a B7 Cab 2.0 TDI which has been re-mapped.

    The car started jerking around 2000 - 25000 rpm when you accelerated at a normal pace, but didn't jerk when you went heavier on the pedal.

    I was told this is a flywheel and clutch problem, so had that fixed.

    But it is still doing it! not as bad, but it still sometimes kicks/jerks around the same revs.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for reading!!
  2. deian3387

    deian3387 Member

    Have you had the car scanned for faults? The wiring to the injectors are a common fault on these and can give the same symptoms. Injectors are a common problem to and i belive there's a recall on them at the moment
  3. mattjarv

    mattjarv Member

    Funny you should say that, my mates, mate, works for Audi and he reckons that it's my injectors. He's currently checking my reg to see if I qualify for a recall!

    Just to add to my bit at the top, when it jerks/kicks, it also makes a sucking/hissing sort of noise.

    All that money to sort my flywheel and clutch now look to have been a total waste of money!

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