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Help please - OBD port dead!!

mk2vr6 Jul 24, 2012

  1. mk2vr6

    mk2vr6 Member

    Have tried no end of things but cannot get power to obd port. Pins 4 and 16 in my audi show 12.4 volts with ignition off, Sharan shows nothing [​IMG]

    If i give pin 16 a permanent live vagcom still comes up as no response from controller.

    Was getting k1 short to earth when testing in options but disconnecting the airbag controller got rid of this, and now got ok on k1 and k2 - status ready.

    Can Ecu be knackered even though car still starts and runs?

    Anyone any ideas?

    For more info please see here:

    Electrical Gremlins, No Obd Port? - Technical Section (Galaxy) - Ford Galaxy Owners Club

  2. rokape

    rokape Member

    I had a Golf Mk4 like this.. Nothing could talk to it at all, we then discovered there was no engine management light in the dash coming on when we started it.. it run fine too & no issues but just wouldn't interface with anything & no engine light..
  3. Man_utd_99

    Man_utd_99 New Member

    Might be your cable perhaps?

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