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Help Please - Civil Traffic Enforcement Notice

smee Jun 13, 2007

  1. smee

    smee Member

    My other half got a letter this morning. She stayed 7 minutes over the allocated time in a private car park. Not questioning the time in any way as they did stay there that ong as the swimming times changed in the pool.

    BUT the fine is £95 reducing to £75 if paid within 14 days. This sounds excessive and I am concerned that the letter refers to DVLA code of practice but payment is due to G24 Ltd.

    Sounds dodgy to me, anybody else have one of these?
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

  3. Lowlife

    Lowlife German Hardcore

    Tesco's tried this with me, Euro car parks sent me a letter saying further to our letter dated blah blah blah. When I rang them they claimed I had over-stayed on a previous occasion and as this was a second infringement I would be fined. Funny thing was when I asked when the previous occasion was (as I had not
    received a letter) at the date and time they said I had over-stayed I was at work and could prove it. I directed them to my solicitor and never heard any more.
  4. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    The problem with a lot of this is that its legal, if there is a sign up then its your responsibility to make sure you are right, after all its private property you are parked on. These scumbags can basically do what they like, including towing you away with no warning.
  5. shineydave

    shineydave Member

    i'm not so sure. i thought i'd read on pepipoo (terrible name by the way, lol) that for them to be able to charge you (they can't fine you because they're not a legal body) you have to enter into a contract with them and the onus is on them to prove you had this contract or something like that. there's also something about needing 2 seperate dates on the ticket, one for the date of the offence and one for the date the ticket was issued.

    you need to spend a couple of hours on there reading through the posts really

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