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Help please!!!! Carbonio carbon intake for A3 and S3????

S3JET Jun 5, 2008

  1. S3JET

    S3JET Member

    Just want to know if they are the same?? or A3 and S3 are totally different think??:uhm:

    As i am getting some other parts from USA. i might as get it together.

    Since Australia is too expensive to get anything.

    USA going for 275 USD.

    Australia going for 650 to 700 AUD. and the cheapest one i ever found was 599 without shipping................

    please help if anyone knows.:sos:

    thanks alot.
  2. S3IZZO

    S3IZZO Guest

    Yes they are the same - Spin140 had one on his S3, from memory he had to re-drill the holes to get a spot on fitment. I wouldn't expect any real big gains from fitting one though.
  3. phantom

    phantom On Boost

    There a lot of money for a bit of extra noise , and the dealer can see it.

    Either go the whole induction/CAF route or stick to Std/uprated panel filter.

  4. Spin140

    Spin140 Well-Known Member

    I still have it and plan to bring it to the dyno day in June in case anyone fanicies a part used (1,500 miles max) one for a good price. The fitting is the same I just had to modify one of the predrilled holes slightly by redrilling and making it bigger as the alignment was slightly out, fitted perefect then.

    Didn't notice any massive gains but it did sound a little different and looked superb, the car did make and hold onto excellent torque on the Awesome RR day but wether this was due to the GIAC map or the CAI I'm not sure.

    It wouldn't fit my TT (I tried) otherwise I would have it on there.

    Let me know if interested in buying mine via PM and we can sort something out.

  5. EAGLE79

    EAGLE79 Member

    Got one fitted to mine with uprated panel filter and no fitting problems for me matey. went straight in 'like a glove' (said in the voice of Ace Ventura!)
  6. yahyar

    yahyar Member

    i agree, the carbonio is a waste
    i tried one and although it felt a little more responsive, its hardly worth the money
    rather just get a proper CAI intake

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