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help new user after some expert advice !!!!!

shawryboy May 12, 2011

  1. shawryboy

    shawryboy Member

    hi all ! I'm new to this forum thingy so il apologize for any poor etiquette. iv currently got a 2001 S3 and need some advice in fitting some BMW x5 19" rims ( snowflake style). Iv no clue on what spacers/adapters will be need or whether there will be a arch mod required ? also what tyres will be a good fit as stretched or not and also whether coil overs are needed or whether i could just use springs ? iv scanned the forum and found that a few of you guys have managed to fit these rims so all feedback would be very much appreciated ! thanx shawryboy.
    ps. il upload some pics of my toy as soon as i figure out how to !

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