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Help new cluch and flyheel needed

Arron_S3 May 21, 2010

  1. Arron_S3

    Arron_S3 New Member

    I have been advised i need a new flywheel (and clutch and master cylinder while im at it) i am running approx 265bhp with cone filter and dv and have plans for stage 2 (second map and exhaust and sport cat) soon is it worth upgrading the clutch etc while im at it or shall i replace with genuine parts i am in two minds of keeping as daily driver or taking it that little bit further ( bigger turbo etc)...
    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated as im a bit of a novice :) Thanks guys :yes:
  2. cawsey20

    cawsey20 Member

    Im in the same boat as you matey, Just had a map done and im worried about clutch as its done 110k !. Im just going to bite the bullet and buy a helix clutch and lightweight flywheel !. It comes out expensive but your pretty much set for whatever the future brings !.

    You can get away with running standard clutch , There are a few on here running big power through them however just hold of the launches ! .
    Its up to you really bud if you can though i would save and go for helix or sachs, im sure there the options you will get pointed towards on this forum :D.
  3. Arron_S3

    Arron_S3 New Member

    ok sounds good to me i dont wanna spend silly money though i can get standard clutch and flywheel fitted for around £900 would it cost loads more to go for a performance item? Will the car still be driveable on a daily basis i have been offered company car so this is the point where i give up or go for silly power figures but judging by a forum im sure you guys will advise me to go down the obvious route......POWER ::happy:
  4. mattyboy199

    mattyboy199 Well-Known Member

    i thought my clutch was slipping seems to be alright at the minute but the flywheel does need doing. Cant see any point in replacing both until the clutch is slipping whats the worst that could happen ? was gonna go with standard fitment i have a stage one remap which it has coped with for 22k on 66k at the moment
  5. Matt82

    Matt82 Active Member

    i bought a solid flywheel and sachs clutch/pressure plate yesterday for £120... hugely discounted

    anyone know about the rear crank seal on the 20vt? are they all generic becuase im putting a new one of those in too.

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