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Help needed with stereo system

Cookie0125 Jun 23, 2010

  1. Cookie0125

    Cookie0125 New Member

    I've got a pre-facelift a3 that has a concert I r/cassette, I want to be able to play CDs but am just wondering what options are?

    I've checked the boot and can't see the plug where the cd changer would connect so unsure if my car has the availability to add a cd changer(the sub is just plain black plastic, so I think this means its a non-bose system?). If I can't add a cd changer then I'd be looking at finding a concert II stereo or looking for a aftermarket HU.

    My only concern with getting an aftermarket HU is that it might look naff, guidance/advice will be greatly appreciated.

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Cd changer is the easiest and neatest solution. Even if you don't have the cable installed, you just need to buy one, all Audi HU's have a changer capability, just some weren't pre-wired for it. The cable is quite a way back in the cubbyhole towards the front of the car past the rear seatbelt reel (the thing covered in grey foam). Shown below with trim removed, you will only just be able to get one hand on it:

    The Bose sub has two 4" drivers, non Bose has a single 6.5" driver, they are both just plain black plastic but the non Bose one has a metal front.
  3. Cookie0125

    Cookie0125 New Member

    Wow! that was really informative, thank you and the pic really helped. I've been researching into it and didn't realise it was that tucked away!

    I've made my decision now to go ahead and buy a cd changer.
  4. alijames

    alijames Active Member

    The other alternative is to get an xcarlink unit, which pretends to be a CD changer, but plays mp3s from an SD card or USB stick, or an iPod.

    http://www.xcarlink.co.uk/ or they pop up on eBay every now and then. Mine works great, living in the glove box, and I also have the optional bluetooth adaptor for my iPhone.

  5. Cookie0125

    Cookie0125 New Member

    Haven't bought the cd changer yet as now considering the xcarlink maybe a better option, are they hard to fit?

    I'm thinking it might be easier if I just buy an aftermarket headunit as I would like to play CDs from time to time aswell, what are peoples opinion on aftermarket HUs in A3's anybody seen ones that look good fitted?
  6. sportquattro

    sportquattro Active Member


    I have 2 Audi/VW CD-Changers sat doing nothing, PM me if interested. Personally I'd stick with the stadard headunit as an aftermarket one wont work with the DIS. If not keen on a CD-Changer get a Phatnoise, they are amasing bits of kit and sooooooooooo easy to use through the standard headunit.


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