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Help needed with an electrical issue. (Wiring Diagram needed)

Wiganer Oct 7, 2011

  1. Wiganer

    Wiganer New Member

    I own a 2004 3.2 sport with DSG.
    On Monday the DSG decided to select neutral, not let me have the key and not come out of park. I'm a Bentley technician so have access to a VAS5054 and having gone through the codes and done some diagnostic work, the problem is there is no +30/permanent supply to the gear selector mechanism. Fuse 18 (IIRC) is where it is fed from, there is no power to that fuse. Jury rigging a supply to the back of the fuse makes everything work ok.

    Question is, I need to know the path that wire takes to source to enable me to find the fault. Does anyone have a power distribution diagram? I presume it is sourced from the underbonnet fusebox, I have no fuse chart fo that, google doesn't unearth one either, though all fuses are intact and the contacts are all good. Is this an area prone to trouble?

    Thanks in anticipation....

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