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help needed turbo egr cooler fault a4 blb 2.0 tdi

harleymonster Dec 27, 2013

  1. harleymonster

    harleymonster New Member

    hi hope this is in the right bit of forum as im rubbish at this kind of thing.
    iv got a 05 plate a4 esate 2.0 tdi sline .
    has been whistling for a bit so have been expecting the turbo to go any minute.
    I was driving home the other night and lost all power so I limped it home and thought turbo had gone so parked it up till I had chance to have a look.

    turns out I was just in limp mode before I found this out I went to remove turbo to ge a new one and felt the shaft and it felt fine so I got a mirror looked in to the turbo and started and was spinning and now boosting fine so ruled out turbo and carried on looking for other cause,s I then looked above turbo as I noticed a lot of soot on the side of the head. and noticed the gasket on what I belive to be called the egr cooler.the gasket between the valve (held on with 4 screws)and cooler had split and that what was wistling so got in contact with local vw\audi parts place (tps) and found I can get this gasket but removed the valve and the fond the flap in side hade snapped off and was just ratting around in the so found a second hand one on ebay it turned up it fits bit the valve is slightly different but fits perfectly only difference is the valve doesn't screw on it permenant. so fiited it any way and now its not as fast as it was,it goes in to limp mode if you boot it down dual carriage way,and management light comes on with code p0234 and seems to dump turbo pressure a lot more loudly than bfore sounds like I have a dump valve on it what I belive to sound like wastegate chatter any idea do u think it could be the valve that I fitted ???????????? thanks kris
  2. Turbo unit

    Turbo unit Member

    if the egr valve isn't shutting then yes you can get under boost, Also it could be the veins in your turbocharger sticking. causing the chatter

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