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Help needed - rear bushes need replacing before wheel alignment

210_MIH Aug 16, 2013

  1. 210_MIH

    210_MIH Drive it like u stole it

    Hi Guys

    Just wondering if you can help ....

    Following alot of wear on my rear tyres on the inside, I Went to get my 4 wheel alignment done at Station garage in Castleford - however, they couldnt undo the bolts on the rear bushes. So they've told me to have the bushes replaced as they think the bolts are knackered. Just wondering if this can be done as a bushes change only or do i need to change the whole arms? And where is the best place to get these parts from without spending loads...

    Also, i desperately need s line front shocks if anyone has a set on here.

    Car is a 2006 A3 sportback 2.0 Tdi BKD

    Help as always is appreciated

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