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help needed! newbie audi owner!

rustynlc Jul 13, 2011

  1. rustynlc

    rustynlc Member

    hi, iv recently baught an audi a3 1.8 sport, 1999 model, and my central locking cannot be operated via the key fob, all doors will lock with the key in the drivers door lock or passenger lock, iv changed the batterys in the fob, iv tried turning the key and pressing the lock button withing 30 seconds as described elsewere on the forum, still no joy, at presant i only have one key, so i cant try the 'key in ignition then open and close door lock via spare key' to reprogram my key. does anyone know of any other tricks to get my central locking working again? iv ordered a key ( at £75) but the estimated 2 weeks waiting time seems abit rediculous, also when i lock the doors manually (via drivers door) i get what can only be described as a short honk from the horn, is this a standard thing from the audi? sorry for thwe long thread and appologies if in the wrong area, im new to this, thanks in advance

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