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Help needed locating airbag control unit (centre consoles are off - pics incl.)

RGL Jul 31, 2013

  1. RGL

    RGL Free breather


    I've tried googling my ass off but really didn't find any pictures of where it is exactly located on a 8L. Only found one DIY for a A6 (C5) but it isn't much help. So could anyone give me any guidance to where it is. I was told that it should be somewhere under the dash probably bolted onto the gearbox tunnel. So I was first hoping that I'd atleast see it after I remove the lower console - no luck there. Then I thought I'd atleast see it and maybe get to it after I remove the upper centre console but still no luck.

    So this is where I'm at now:

    Behind the wires:

    Is it under the carpeting? Is it further to the front of the car? What else needs to be removed to have access to it?

    Backstory for anyone interested:
    The reason why I'm trying to get to it is because I have the almighty red Airbag light on in my dashboard. So at first it was because of a little plug/port (whatever you call it) above the glovebox, which had a bad connection. Cut it out, connected the wires straight (battery was removed during the time). After that went to get the error message erased so the light could go out. But the diagnostics unit couldn't even find the airbag system/airbag control unit or anything. So after consulting with the diagnostics guy, we gathered that best would be to check if the airbag control unit is getting power at all and while we're at it what version it is and etc. I figured I'd do the dismantling part myself until I can see/get to the airbag control module and then take the car to him to see what exactly the problem is or how it can be fixed. But I have trouble getting to the unit or finding it.

    All help is very much appreciated! (Sorry for the dodgy pics, can provide more if needed)

    NB: the ride is Audi A3 8L (1997) 1.8 non turbo.
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  2. Gops

    Gops Badger 5 Edition VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S3

    As far as I know it's where the stereo/ climate control is?
  3. RGL

    RGL Free breather

    Thanks Gops for your reply and thank you to anyone who read it through or thought about it. I finally cleared my way and found it, we'll see tomorrow when I visit a diagnostician again what's really up with my airbag control unit. However to not be a ******* I'll actually post a pic of where it's at in case anybody needs to get it in the future. Although I really hope you have no need to access it because you'll certainly swear Vag/Audi engineers to eternal hell for locating it there lol. :D

    So after you have dismantled and taken out the lower centre console and the upper centre console completely (it's easier if you take out the glovebox and drivers side cover under the steering wheel aswell - those are easy to do anyway) you'll find there's the rear footwell air duct blocking your path (outline with red). It actually consists of 2 rather large pieces which are basically held in put by one screw on the passenger side and that's it. They're really nasty to get out without doing further dismantling to the dashboard so it requires major patience and some hand acrobatics to get them out.
    The footwell air ducts look like this after being taken out (the rough way):
    And so here is the little bugger (outlined in red), could they have put it to any worse spot?

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