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Help needed for mysterious engine clicks

mandymcconechy Jan 10, 2005

  1. mandymcconechy

    mandymcconechy New Member

    I have a V6 golf 4motion and have noticed a clicking sound where a hose meets a black container which we cannot identify the use of. It is situated at the left hand side under the bonnet and is connected by a silver ridged thing (excuse the technical terms). It sounds as if air is struggling to get in and causes the engine to fluctuate in revs between 600 and 800 when idling. Hope there is someone out there who can help me... a@allowaymill.com
  2. phil1978

    phil1978 Member


    Not 100% sure from your description but it sounds like it may be your carbon filter.

    Be lucky.
  3. mikeA2B

    mikeA2B Member

    sounds like your air filter box, and if the engine is racing (revving up and then slowing down) that might be the reason for the clicking noise.
    if im right thats where a part called the air mass meter is located and are pretty common for going duff, its worth having your car checked out with a specialist who has diagnostic software, if there is a fault the diagnostics will pinpoint whats up and then its up to you what to do next.

    hope this helps.


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