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HELP NEEDED! Clutch diagnosis can't be found :-/

GaryStewart07 Mar 7, 2014

  1. GaryStewart07

    GaryStewart07 Member

    Asking for anyones help or advise on this ongoing issue I'm having please......

    So 4 weeks ago I had the flywheel and clutch replaced on my Audi 04 A3 2.0ltr FSI. Europarts supplied me with a 'dual mass flywheel & clutch module kit' from Sachs. After being fitted the car started making a banging noise from the engine like a hammer drill, however this noise only happened between 1100>1300 RPM, peaking worst at 1200 RPM, anything below or above that and no noise was apparent.

    So I took the car to another garage who blamed the previous mechanics workmanship. The garage stripped the car and removed said clutch kit, took it back to Europarts and replaced it under warranty for a new one. Got this fitted and when the car rolled out the garaged it still had the same problem, this banging noise like a hammer drill.

    Today the garage took the car back in under good faith and stripped it down and re-inspected the car. They have now said they cannot diagnose what is wrong with the car. All they can suggest is that it should be a LUK clutch system fitted as oppose to Sachs. Or that I have an Audi garage inspect the car.

    Europarts have said that Sachs is the OEM part for the car, however the garage have said it should be a LUK. The part isn't listed on Europarts webiste but here is the part I've found on their ebay shop:

    Dual Mass Flywheel + 3PC Clutch Kit With Bearing 230mm Audi A3 8PA 2004-On Hatch | eBay

    Also the part number on my invoice is: 636440340

    Im megga confused where to go from here now :-/
  2. tdi-man

    tdi-man Well-Known Member

    I had a luk clutch and flywheel in mine and replaced it with a sachs one no probs. 2.0 tdi bkd
  3. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team V8 Audi RS4 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic

    Never heard of anything so lame in all my life.....has to be an LUK item......rubbish!! So if thats the case then there is 100's of Audis out there running with Loba/Sachs Stage 2/3 clutches. Never heard any one of them with a hammer drill noise before.

    Take it back and tell the mechanic that hes talking utter pump and that all other manufacturers bar LUK must be doing something wrong.
  4. SmithyAG

    SmithyAG Active Member

    As far as I'm aware they come out of the factory with either Luk or Sachs, if replacing just the clutch then it has to match the manufacturer of the flywheel. If replacing both it makes no difference, they will fit. Perhaps this is where the confusion has come from?

    The reason that they use two suppliers must come down to if one fails to supply enough of the units/goes bust, they can use the other to make up the shortfall.
  5. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 DSG

    That's just utter rubbish.

    The car didn't make the noise before the clutch was changed.

    Therefore,the only possible answer is a fault with either the clutch or fitting,or something was damaged when they did the work.

    The garage that did the work needs to sort the problem.
  6. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    From what I recall isn't it mainly the TDI 170's that had the LUK units fitted & nearly everything else was a Sachs unit? Sounds
    More like the clutch hasn't been aligned properly when fitted, or the flywheel hasn't been bolted in properly.
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