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Help needed!! Buying a 1999 s3 what to look for and dos and don'ts with the s3

Neg-1989 Jun 9, 2013

  1. Neg-1989

    Neg-1989 New Member

    Hi folks new here, been a vag fan now for a few years and had a few dubs. But off to look at an s3 tomorrow night and looking for any helps or tips you guys can give me :)
    So this is what I know it's a audi s3 1999 x reg black
    120000 full service history so I'm told with no mods at all
    the guys had it for two years with no problems.
    Any help or tips or things I should be looking for in the service history would be amazing.
    is there any way of testing the Quattro system out?
    Thanks very much for any comments or help :)
  2. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

  3. Kodak

    Kodak Member

    Hi and a welcome to ASN a few things to check is when the clutch and timing belt was changed and when put the car in 6th gear with hand brake on release clutch slowly if it doesn't stall immediately then clutch is on the way out usually another way to check is usually how far the peddle is out before it bites if it has to be all the way out before it bites it usually means its close to the end of life (only reason I mention as its 120k and that's about the life of a clutch) also check coolant for discolouration upon and gunk around the oil cap check for back pressure before purchase, apart from than that the engines are just about bullet proof its just the rest of the car check the top mounts under the bonnet and the inside of the tyres for wear check the coolant temp stays at 88/90 check for smoke and if you can get a m8 with vagcom to co with you to run a scan. if you buy id do a complete fluid replacement engine gearbox haldex and brake oil/fluids upon purchase peace of mind and can be done by yourself in no time all info can by found in threads

    almost forgot jack it up on one side and undo the inter cooler hose check for oil some is to be expected lots and you may have a problem or had a problem with the turbo

    don't worry to much about the old vac hoses in the engine bay which WILL give way so bet replacing or getting a boost gauge and checking for leeks

    at normal engine temps the vac should read -21-25 less than that then you have a leek (check vac to DV 1st) n249 delete takes only about 10 mins once you've read the thread makes a real difference IMO costs about £6

    and as for the Quattro system hit a round about at 45+ if you don't crash you know its working lol also check fuse box to make sure haldex fuse is not pulled NO 31 :) really do check for this as this was a problem ive seen happen (open drivers door and on side of dash board pull panel to reveal fuse box) also tests can be done with haldex clutch using VAGCOM or by flicking the steering from one direction to the other while traveling fast enough you can feel a kind of push from the rear if its working common problems with haldex is brake pedal switch or damaged earth wire and erosion to the iso connector and if your unlucky enough the controller

    other than that its just pads discs and bushes which is ware and tare and is to be expected on any car over 6 year replacing all the bushes makes the car feel like brand new (as long as springs and shocks are good condition)

    and as for for the mileage the only way to check if its been changed is to read the 24C0x eeprom from the ecu if it differs from the cluster mileage by more than 10% than its been clocked unfortunately its not something that anyone can do outside someone's house

    good luck welcome to ASN
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2013

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