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HELP NEEDED. 35mm H&R springs on Golf GT TDI.

AjayB Oct 10, 2011

  1. AjayB

    AjayB MK5 Golf GT

    I have H&R 35mm (29261-2) on my Golf 5 at the moment, but its catching underneath so much, day to day driving has become a nightmare as its always scraping.. Ive been told that the GT/GTI has a total different set of springs from H&R which are only 30mm
    (29176-1). Can any shed some light onto this, should i change the springs? only had the 35's on for 300 miles. Sorry its not an audi but the VW forums are so unhelpful compared to ASN :( So i decided to come back here to ask you guys.. Will the car be ok to run on these 35mm springs?
  2. Adam.

    Adam. Meow.

    Hmm, more than likely they will be the same spring.

    From the top of my head the GT and GTI sit a ballhair lower as standard on the "gt" suspension therefore its already lowered 5mm ish. So the lowering spring only drops it by 30mm instead of the full 35mm as it was already lower to begin with!

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