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Help need modding tips

quiney2k Jun 9, 2004

  1. quiney2k

    quiney2k New Member

    I got my A3 Quattro Turbo sport in october last year. Only Mod is a Quickshift stainless air filter which has gave me a low sounding dump valve effect. Im after a duplex exhaust but wanna know what it will look like. As my car is quattro ive heard they need to custom build this to get round the rear axle. also lining up my window tints and i want a good rear spoiler. Any suggestions on good spoilers and a quality duplex exhaust.

    ANDYTQ Well-Known Member

    Milltek S3 exhaust will fit,but you will need a bore adapter to join to cat,S3 rearbox heatshield and S3 rearbox mounts.Bumper and valance will have to be modded also for tailpipes.I am just about to do this ,but with a larger bore downpipe and sports cat (custom).A custom build will probably be cheaper and less hassle though.Not much choice at the moment sorry.You could drive to milltek and get one made for your car,rich had his A3 done with stealth tailpipes.Cheers Andy

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