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Help!!! My Boot wont shut or lock!

joe_g Jan 23, 2010

  1. joe_g

    joe_g New Member

    Ive got a 2002 A4 Avant.

    For some reason, the boot opened fine. But when I shut it (not hard) the catch wouldnt engage. And after having a look at it, the electronic opening button doesnt make any noise like it did before. I gave the catch a wiggle with a screwdriver, are they meant to be spring loaded at all or do they work purely electronically, because it just seemed to feel loose when flicking the catch with a screwdriver, and it didnt lock or anything.

    Ive also tried using the key in the boot lock, and locking the car up with the remote fob, and nothings working. I checked the fuse by the steering wheel for that circuit, and went through all the fuses on that board, but nothings amiss there.

    Any ideas chaps/chapettes? I havent got much time due to work commitments until tuesday, so im gonna tie her down from inside until then, unless it may be something trivial perhaps?

    Any advice/help will be much appreciated!

    Cheeeeers!!! Joe.
  2. droppedaudia4

    droppedaudia4 Member

    this happened to me 2 weeks ago in my b7 mate i replaced the boot lock mechanism and that sorted the problem

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