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Help - Metallic rattle - offside rear... Anyone else had same issue?

alfiejts Jun 20, 2010

  1. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    As I was driving today, I noticed a very significant "metallic clanging" from underneath the car when it was going over rough road. It sounds not so much like a rattle as two very loose bits of metal "clanging together".

    By process of elimination, it only occurs when driving the rear right wheel over pot-hole type bumps.
    I don't get the clanging from driving either front wheel or the left rear wheel over bumps or potholes, just the offside rear.

    I've been all over the underside of the car, expecting to see maybe a tie-rod loose and banging against a suspension arm or a bush completely missing, but everything seems tight and without play.

    I've jacked both offside wheels up in case it was a broken spring rattling, but no luck there either.

    Thought maybe it was a bit of the metalliuc heat shield from around the exhaust rattling on a silencer, but again, no heat shield is loose and the exhaust mounts all seem OK.

    I've even emptied the boot of all the spare wheel well stuff, just in case, but no. Its definately from outside the car...

    The car drives fine, steers and brakes fine. Can't find anything mechanically untoward, whether the car is jacked up or "on the level".

    Has anyone had anything similar or any ideas? (Its a 3 dr 2wd 2.0TDi Sline by the way...)

    Had a service and cambelt change in March but can't see how that would cause anything like this...

    Any thoughts or feedback gratefully received.
  2. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    The answer became clear today.....


    Putting the car on the drive, I realised that the offside rear was a bit lower than the nearside rear corner.

    Measuring with a tape, it was 15mm lower than the other side....
    I took the wheel off and spotted that the spring was broken.

    Still didn't explain the clanging noise fully until I dropped the suspension arm to change the spring today and found a small piece (4cm long - the left piece in the picture) actually loose inside the suspension arm.

    That's what was clanging around producing the loose metal on metal noise....

    Pair of springs cost £110 from DMS. They said they were a modified part and the Audi tech they had spoken too really strongly recommended changing them as a pair....
  3. Richard950

    Richard950 New Member

    HI there,

    Your post really helped me. I have an A4 2.0 FSi - I noticed a rattle coming from the rear when going over minor bumps. Took both wheels off and had a look but did'nt see anything. After I saw this post and I managed to pinpoint it to the rear passanger wheel and had another look with a torch and what do you know - I could see the bottom of the suspension spring had snapped off and there it was laying there at the bottom. Worrying thing is that it had just passed an MOT in this condition and I informed them of the rattle before the test but they did not find anything!!

    Many thanks.

  4. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    you always change a pair of springs as chances are youll be doing the work in a month if you dont was gonna say alternates could be bushings
  5. snattrass

    snattrass New Member

    thank you for this - you saved by a new pair of rear coils after I jacked it up and poked around and found 2 pieces of what I can only assume is the remnants of the previous broken coil spring - removed them and bingo - no loud metal noise going over bumps! Cheers
  6. T8DPR

    T8DPR If Carlsberg Made Audi Drivers...

    It could quite easily be your current springs that are snapped. It's usually the first coil at the bottom of each that snaps, the car then drops about 10-15mm and everything else seems perfectly normal, so while you may have taken away the rattle, doesn't necessarily mean you've "fixed" the problem... if rust is eating its way through the springs it's not just gonna stop because a bit has snapped off

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