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Help me with this noise (I am quite desperate...)

danilotto Jul 9, 2014

  1. danilotto

    danilotto Active Member Audi S3

    Hi all,

    This is a desperate scream of help, because I got totally pissed by a noise I cannot locate the root cause and Audi does not help. I must be honest, I am also thinking to sell my S3 after only 5000 km because this is driving me really crazy.

    Every time I push the accelerator I hear from somewhere a faint rubbing noise, like a disk pad rubbing against the disk. It gains volume (but does not change the pitch) if I accelerate stronger and suddenly fades away if I release the gas. I had the perception this noise is more present when the car is warm.

    It is not related to engine revving but it is constant during acceleration and it is not interrupted nor affected by gear shift. The noise is clearly audible also outside the car (i.e. passing beside a wall with the window open).

    I am quite sure it is a transmission noise. Mine is S-Tronic.

    I do not ask to troubleshoot this noise because I am perfectly aware it is impossible to clearly give an idea of noises without hearing them but I only ask if any S3 owner does notice such a noise from his car...

    This is driving me crazy and I am not enjoying my new car because of this (yes, I am very sensitive to noises...) :(

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. visionthing

    visionthing Active Member VCDS Map User

  3. danilotto

    danilotto Active Member Audi S3

    Nope thanks, it is different.

    Now, taking note that nobody has this kind of noise, I will come back to Audi.
  4. Scotty2011

    Scotty2011 Active Member Team Glacier Audi RS3

    stone stuck in the brake calliper?
  5. gtiller

    gtiller Active Member TeamMisano Gold Supporter Audi S3

    Can you only hear it while the turbo is spooling? I have heard some weird noises coming from the turbo solenoid valve on dome cars.

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