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Help Me Please!!

dkingy11 Jun 23, 2008

  1. dkingy11

    dkingy11 Member

    I had an MOT done on my car last week and althogh it passed, i got an advisory note stating that my fronts tyres are nearly illegal (getting 18" rs6 alloys next week):yes: so thats ok. But also it states that my brake pads are worn really thin!
    I am confused as i have had no warning on my dash to alert me of this (do they all have sensors?). I was just wondering whether to get them changed from garage and probably get ripped off, or do i get disc upgrade and new pads and fit them myself? if so which ones, price etc?
    The reason im thinking of upgrade is because im thinking of remap down the line. Help Please!
  2. dultanur

    dultanur all promises, no action :)

    1st, what is your car?
    you can check if the pads have sensors. usually only one pair has them and you should see wires coming out of the pad (one side). if not, they don't.

    if you've got the cash, the brake upgrade would be the way to go, as IMHO you can never have brakes that are good enough. but do it right, get a brembo gt kit or something. just getting bigger discs is not worth the hassle IMO. if you can, of course you could change the pads on your own. it's not very difficult.

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