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Help! Lumbar support not working...

imported_paranoico Jul 17, 2004

  1. Hi everybody,

    I've bumped into something strange with my power seats' lumbar support... I was doing something really stupid like playing with the thing (while waiting at the airport for a delayed flight) and deceided to try and find out how high up the lumbar support would go.

    At the top position I pressed forward to get it harder on the back and a sudden "crack" was heard. Then I lowered it again and I've not been able to get it moving upwards ever after... It still works in the position it is right now, but won't move up an inch! I can hear the motors run when I press the button but it just won't move...

    Anybody have any idea on how to take the seat apart (without damaging it)?

  2. Hmmmm... so nobody ever took his seats apart???

  3. garethj

    garethj Member

    Whoops sounds like a trip to the dealers is needed.

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