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Help - Limp Mode - Turbo or Cruise Control?

weela89 Apr 19, 2012

  1. weela89

    weela89 Member

    Thanks for viewing. I own a 2.0 TDI Sportback SLine

    I was travelling back from the Lakes last week and had cruise control on at 65mph. I put my foot down in sixth to speed up and lost power. The car went into limp mode, cruise control turned off and had to pull of the motorway and drive home on the A Roads.

    Now there was no smoke or loud noise so I cant see that the turbo has gone. I took the car to a garage who plugged into the ECU and it showed that the Turbo has overboosted. No lights were present on the dash though!

    I had the Boost Sensor replaced at the cost of £28 and the problem seemed to be sorted but I was travelling to Wales the other day and the car did the same thing again. This time of course ide lost patience and so turned the engine off and back on and it worked fine again.

    I did notice before travelling back from the Lakes that the "Whistle" from the turbo had got a little louder but nothing out of the ordinary.

    I have checked the pipes from the cooler and the turbo but nothing is split or loose.

    I wondered if anyone had any suggestions on what it might be or if there car has had the same happen?

    Any help would be appreciated!


  2. J8TT X

    J8TT X Member

    How many miles has the car done?

    Sounds like turbos gone, happened to me last year
    Had the turbo reconditioned and all went back to normal.
  3. weela89

    weela89 Member


    I thought as much but just wanted a second opinion... Nightmare!

    Thanks for the post.


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